Recap: DF 01 - Caverns of Chaos 01

January 9th, 2014

Drog, Human Barbarian
Farthing, Faun Wizard
Phelix, Cat-folk Swashbuckler

Somewhere else:
Noide, Celestial Cleric

As the game starts the players are escorting the merchant Thammus Goodseller to Turnwall. They have been travelling for ten months from their starting point at the Spiral City. At the gates of Turnwall they are greeted by one of the local men at arms and asked to identify themselves and their business.

After getting in, Goodseller arranged for them all to have rooms for the night and everyone retired to bed. During the night, Phelix awoke to see several armed men taking Goodseller away. After waking the others, they learned that they have been working for a fence, who was now on his way back to the Spiral City to face justice, along with all of the stolen goods and any chance for the party to get paid.

 The party returned to the inn to enjoy the last night they will have beds payed for.

 In the morning the down and out group decide to start looking for some work that might help them out. They quickly hear rumors of some trouble coming out of a series of caverns somewhere east of town. Eventually they find a old man who claims to have been to the "Caverns of Chaos" and gives them directions.

 The parties takes off while it is still early and other than a short stop to fish and eat, they do little more than travel for half the day. Eventually the find the caverns. Across the small stream that divides the area, they spot several small reptilian humanoids scurrying up a tree and into a cave. Since this was across the river, they decide to check the cave nearest on their side.

 Here they meet an old Ogre, named Ogre (as well as he can remember). He's more or less friendly and offers them some stew made from the small reptiles they saw earlier. He recommends that they start in the lower caves and gives an general overview of the area. He also told them to start by getting rid of the thieving reptiles across the way, but warned that they worship some sort of god that supposedly lives in a pool in their cave.

 After the short visit the part headed north, crossing the stream to the reptiles' den.

 Approaching the door, they were ambushed by these "gecklings" (because Kobolds are furry dog-faced monsters not reptiles, right?). Several jumped down from the tree and more emerged from the cave. They had small half-spears and a form of leather armor. Though not very strong they outnumbered the party and after Farthing fumbled his 2d lightning spell (causing it to hit him instead) and Drog tripped and fell shortly after. Things were still not going very well for the party. Still they were able to clean gecklings (in no small part due to Phelix's skill with his sword), but only found some pocket change on them.

 Inside they found a resting chamber filled with more gecklings including one who wore robes and had a staff. They were able to catch this group by surprise and took them down fairly quickly. In the next room they found lots of junk and rats, so they decided to head back to the first hall and and head further into the area.

 Here they found a large pool where another geckling with a staff stood barking something at them. Several others jumped into the water and disappeared into the the dark water. Then the staff geckling began moving to a door on the far side of the room. Drog rushed over to him and cleaved him in two just as he unlocked the door. Then Drog could hear some sort of wet movement from the other side.

 The others joined and quickly decided to let Farthing power up a strong lightning shot and fire it as soon as Drog opened the door. This worked incredibly well and stunned the Slugbeast that was making its way to the door. Another shot knocked the creature out for good.

 After making sure that no gecklings were making their way back out of the water, Phelix jumped over the beast and discovered a well in the small room that it had come from. Down the well he saw some sparkle, so he lowered himself down and collected several fist-fulls of gems.

 They explored the room behind the pool chamber and fund the female and children Gecklings in the back. They decided not to engage these creatures and instead went back to the junk room. Behind that they found a hall that forked onto to areas, and along the center part they found a false wall that was hiding a hall that lead to another cave. From there they could hear louder voices, but by then it was getting late so they decided to head out, make camp and head back to town in the morning.

 Back in town they sold gems, the shaman staff, but found they had not made quite as much as they had hopped. But still came out richer than they were (though they will need to head back soon.

XP: (base 5, -1 for unprofitable, +1 clearing the dungeon): 5

 Overall things could have gone better, but I feel that this was a good test to see what works and what didn't. Lots of weak mobs can be interesting, but not when there is nothing to contrast them against. A single worthy mob doesn't stand a chance against a prepared mage. There were a lot more secret doors (and treasure) to find in this cave, but the groups was not use to thinking about searching for chambers like this.

 We'll see what the next cavern has in store, I am sure it will be a very different experience.