Dungeon Fantasy, or "Let's go a-kill'n!"

Last year (2013), I made a lot of effort to start and maintain a regular GURPS game. I ran games of Traveller Interstellar Wars, a couple of one-shots (one GURPS the other FUDGE), a GURPS Fallout game, and played in two games set in Yrth (GURPS Banestorm). I also participated in a few playtest sessions for the next edition of D&D.

There might have been more, but if there was, it escapes me at the moment.

And aside from a few short breaks during transitions, or a occasional issue that prevented a game, I had a fairly good run of having weekly games.

After the last swap with the other GM of the group, I had planned to go back to the GURPS Fallout game, but just wasn't motivated to run it anymore. I can be a very fickle GM, but I really wanted to run something that I could maintain my interest a bit longer. I also wanted to have something less morally ambiguous and just visceral fun.

I had tried running a GURPS Dungeon Fantasy game awhile back, with mixed results... but I was willing to give it another go. I had been reading about other peoples experiences with DF and wanted to dive back in.

To start out I wanted to just have a some random dungeon-ing, and looked a a various old DnD modules. I almost decided to use the Caves of Chaos from the old Keep on the Boarderlands, but decided to instead go with something a bit larger. 0one's Blueprints are pdf maps, many inspired by old modules (thought they don't include stats, NPCs, etc., just maps, and maybe some plot hooks). So, I got the "Caverns of Chaos" and we started.

I had five players and we started with the standard 250 characters, sticking to the templates. Out first game was on January 9th 2014.

Over the next few weeks I'll start to work through the backlog of session recaps.