Technomancer Campaign Planning Form

Well the Monster Hunters game never took off so after a bit a of break I decided to try something new. I'm going to be running a "monster hunter" game... but in Technomancer. Here is the Campaing Planning Form.

This form is a modified (and reduced) version of the Extended Campaign Planning form from How to be a GURPS GM.

GURPS Technomancer – CoverCampaign Planning Form

Campaign Name: D.E.U.S. Exterminators
Genre: Monster Hunters
Tech Level (TL): 8 (modern)

Power Level: Heroic
Realism Level: Cinematic

Synopsis: Demons, Elemental, Undead, and Spirits. There is nothing these guys won't go after ... if the price is right.


Books Used:
  • Basic Set 1&2
  • High Tech - For additional weapons and equipment options.
  • Magic - For spells
  • Bio-Tech - For Spells
  • Technomancer - Setting, templates, etc.
Optional Rules:
  • Buying Success (B347)
  • Player Guidance (B347)
  • Flesh Wounds (B417)


Starting Points: 180
Disadvantage Limit: -75 (-70/-5)

Suggested Character Concepts: Hellhound, Investigator, Warlock
Secondary Concepts: Alchemist, Criminal, Rescue Team Member, Hacker, Technomancer

Attribute Options:
  • ST: 8-18
  • DX, IQ, HT: 9-16
  • HP, FP, Will, Per: -/+ 3
  • Basic Speed: -/+ 0.75
  • Basic Move: -/+ 3

Social Traits

Low/High TL: Not allowed
Status: Not used
Wealth: Struggling to Wealthy

Cultural Familiarity: Anglo, Central Asian, East Asian, Eastern European, Latin American, North African, South Asian, Sub-Saharan, West Asian, and Western European

Languages: English (required), any other modern or anchent

(see trait list)

Required Advantages:
  • Legal Enforcement Powers (Bounty Hunter's Licence) [5]