Recap: Nexus 4 - To the Castle


Brother Pick - Arakun Initiate
Clink - Arakun Brute
Tion - Arakun Apprentice


With the revelation that the seeker was in the hands of minions of the Shadow King, the party needed to plan out their next move. It was very late, so they camped for the night outside the cave, and in the morning decided to head to the human town of Westgate. This town was in the same direction that the seeker was taken, so the party felt it best to head there instead of backtracking.

In town they resupplied provisions and Clink got the short sword identified. It is Short sword of Accuracy +1. Clink also resisted the urge to take a shiny new dagger from the shop, knowing that humans are not too kind to "shoplifters" especially arakun ones.

After town, they decided to waste no more time and began again heading toward the seeker. On the second day of travel, they came upon a camp of ratlings. Once again, they tried to sneak up, but found that they are not stealthy as a group.

The ratlings charged and Tion smashed one with a stone missile. The other ratlings ran, and the party seemed to think things were over, but a second later the ratlings turned and renewed there attack. This continued for a bit, Tion used rain of stones, and more stone missiles, Pick smashed with his mace, and Clink charged and finished off the lat of the bow ratlings. After each fell, the group would flee for a moment, then return. This delayed the fight some, but kept the party from being surrounded.

Back at the ratlings' camp, the party found a chest of coins and some sort of map, but not for any place that they recognized.

The last part of their journey was uneventful, and at last they found they came to a ridge. beyond they saw a road head up to the north then swing back to the west. There, on a steam hill was the ruins of a castle. Along it's battered walls were the banners of the Shadow King.


Notes: This was a short session, but there was a lot of "pre-game" stuff that happened so it was later than what it might otherwise have been. Still, we did end a bit early instead of getting into what might become a long encounter.

I'm really excited to see how the players deal with the castle.