Campaign Planning Form: Hunter Zero

We my group is taking a break from DF and going to run something else. We met and discussed what possible games to run, and this is what we came up with.

This form is a modified (and reduced) version of the Extended Campaign Planning form from How to be a GURPS GM.

Campaign Planning Form

Campaign Name: Hunter Zero
Genre: Monster Hunters
Tech Level (TL): 8 (modern)

Power Level: Heroic
Realism Level: Cinematic

Synopsis: I group of exceptional persons aided by a mysterious benefactor hunt down the horrors that hide in the shadows and prey on humanity.


Books Used:

Rules Options:
  • Buying Success (B347)
  • Player Guidance (B347)
  • Fright Checks (B360) - only for extreme or cosmic horror.
  • Flesh Wounds (B417)
  • Miraculous Recoveries (MH1:31)
  • Destiny Points (MH1:23)


Starting Points: 150
Disadvantage Limit: -60 (-55/-5)

Suggested Character Concepts: Commando, Security Expert, Researcher, Leader
Secondary Concepts: Driver, Face, Demo, Medic

Attribute Options:
  • ST: 8-18
  • DX, IQ, HT: 9-16
  • HP, FP, Will, Per: -/+ 3
  • Basic Speed: -/+ 0.75
  • Basic Move: -/+ 1

Social Traits

Low/High TL, Status, Wealth: Not used
Wealth: Starting gear will be provided for. After words PCs each get a budget to spend from the patron. Wealth levels are not used.

Cultural Familiarity: Anglo, Central Asian, East Asian, Eastern European, Latin American, North African, South Asian, Sub-Saharan, West Asian, and Western European

Languages: English (required), any other modern language

(see trait list)

Required Advantages:
  • Patron ("Zero", Modest Budget, Light Influence) [10]
  • Zeroed [10]