DF: Castle Von Dark - Aftermath

Most of the orcs in Verst were killed when the castle's defenses activated. Those that were outside soon learned that they had lost their leader and their access to the castle. Soon after an "Adventurer's Guild" arrived in Zerst, driving out the remaining orcs or capturing them.

Von Dark sat on the throne ending the curse on the castle and town (though he himself is still cursed and stuck as a frog). Once word of this spread out, many folks from Nustaad came. Returning to the homes of their families (with some clashes on who ones what property). Soon the (new) Baron Von Dark began to distribute the lands. Quickly the town was being built back up to a functioning community.

Some of the folks in Nustaad were not interested in returning. They recalled the stories of the old Baron, and felt no need to move into the ruins of some old town or farm house and be ruled over by a frog. This created a bit of a rift between the two towns.

Phelix, Farthing, and Noide were richly rewarded, but decided to part ways. Phelix took off on a quest to find a lost relic of Nekona (the cat-folk goddess of luck). Farthing retired to the woods to reconnect with nature and study his magic. Noide stayed in Zerst, helping with the rebuilding of the temple and became an adviser to the new baron.


It has not been several months since the Zerst was liberated and the population is growing every day. The Mage's Guild has set up a small branch to offer services, training, and regulate enchanting. The Church of Lys has fixed up their old temple and begun to hold services and offer healing. And the Adventurer's Guild took over one of the old temples and started advertising that they will take any job (for a fee), and have been attracting many new recruits (much to the detriment of independent adventurers.)


It is during all this change that a group of new adventurers enter town. They seek wealth, fame, and adventure. It is their story that is about to begin.