Recap: DF Session 20, Zerst 01



Aldred - Human Wizard
Barnabus - Human Swashbuckler
Fo - Minotaur Barbarian
Sir Loam - Arakun Knight


A new band of adventurers find their way to Zerst! Aldred Malrune is a student of all things arcane. He joined up awhile back with the group and has been seeking to flex his magical muscles and maybe learn a new spell or two. Barnabus is a former pirate that one day woke up hungover and found his ship and crew left him behind. He joined up to gain some coin while he awaits his chance to return to the sea and reclaim his ship. Fo met Sir Loam while traveling and thought that the arakun was going to need help. Despite being nothing alike the two have worked well together for some time. Sir Loam is an arakun with a code. He tries to do what's right, but often finds that it is all he can do to keep the others (and himself) out of trouble.

This band of "heroes" came to to frontier, like many others, seeking fame and fortune. They settled into the local inn. There they met a one-eyed Dwarf named Adalorn who offered them 20 gold ($2000) to enter an old mind and bring back a rubbing of a dwarven door in there (paper and coal provided).

After the party accepted the offer, Aldred decided to do a bit of research in the town archive to see if he could find any maps on the old mine. After an hour of searching he did find one map that showed where the mine was at, and also the location of a possible back entrance to the mine.

With this knowledge, the party set off to the back entrance of the mine. Before reaching their goal, they came across a group of six orcs arguing down the road. Barnabus and Fo immediately dashed off and began to sneak around the group. Sir Loam and Aldred continued down the path and then one of the orcs called out to them. Sir Loam told the orcs that they were looking for a mine, which caused the orcs to give each other a glance, but before any more discussions took place, Barnabus jumped out of the brush and attacked the orcs.

Barnabus and Fo took down the two closest orcs quickly then began to move on to the others. Sir Loam and Aldred began to run towards the action (as they had still been fairly  far off). Fo moved in to another orc, but ended up loosing his grip on his great axe and sending it several yards away. Barnabus attacked the three [with an all out attack] in the back of the group. Unfortunately, one of his attacks missed, and the others did not significantly injure the other orcs.

Still, one of the orcs decided to make a run for it. The two remaining attacked Banabus who took some nasty wounds [dropping to under -HP]. He was hurt bad, but still standing [making his Death and Knock back/Stunning checks].

The others began to close on the remaining orcs. Sir Loam tossed his spear at the runner but missed. Aldred used Poltergeist to throw Fo's axe, but it also missed. Fo using his horns, and later Barnabus' sword managed to deal with the orcs, but the runner got away.

After the battle they (quite fortunately) found a Greater Healing Potion for Banabus [Serendipity baby!], and Aldred gave one of his lesser healing potions. They also found a bit of coin, but no clue to what the orcs where up to.

They decided to continue on and soon found the back entrance to the mine.


As a "kick off" session, I wanted to get a feel for the group and what their were going to be like. I think this session did a good job of that!

The biggest issue the group is going to have to deal with is the lack of a healer. I created an Initiate hireling that was ready to be hired, but the party didn't seem interested in looking for one. If they continue to adventure without a healer, they are going to need to carry a LOT more healing potions.

The orcs were a mix of fodder and worthy. This might have given the impression that they would be pushovers, so I sort of feel that I was a bit misleading... but hey it happens (and keeps PCs on their toes).

Next session will pick up where this one left off.