Recap: DF Session 18, Castle Von Dark 06


Characters:Farthing, Faun Wizard
Noide, Celestial Cleric
Phelix, Cat-folk Swashbuckler

Back in town:Ryder, Cat-folk Warrior (possible dropping out)


In the morning the party had breakfast then got ready to enter the dungeon under the castle. The town seemed mostly deserted, and they didn't try to find anyone (no checks for rumors, shopping, etc.).

They entered the tree line behind the castle. From there they needed to get across a short open area, then climb up the hill side to a small crevice where the door to the dungeon stood. They waited till the guard on the castle wall to turn then made a run for the side and climbed up. Farthing slipped but was able to scramble up a bit later, and the party was sure that they got in before the guard returned.

There they found a door with some sort of strange energy swirling around it. Once the key was used the energy dissipated and the door opened. They filled into a dark room filled with very old empty creates. Two tapestry hung on the north and south walls. And a door was on the east wall.

They discovered a section of the wall was broken behind the north tapestry and they crawled through to find a cavern that continued on sloping down for a ways. They doubled back to check the other door (after a bit of debate), and found that it led to a collapsed hall that they could not get through. Returning to the cavern they found a large area with a deep pit in the middle.

The saw in the middle of the pit a column (a stalactite and stalagmite that grew together) with a magical axe in it. As they were examining this area, several large Acid Spiders fell down from the roof and began to attack. Farthing took a powerful attack that took him out, while the others were occupied. Philix was able to make several attacks on each spider and one by one took them out.

After the battle Farthing was healed and they used a levitation potion to get over the pit a and retrieve the axe. Then the followed the cavern which now turned back southward and into an area filled with a waist deep pool.

As Phelix was telling the others that he wasn't going to go into the pool, they were attacked. Several Erupting Slimes were just under the surface of the water and fired acidic slime at the party. Phelix was hit and tried to get his clothes off, but the slime had made it’s way through the clothes and was working on the armor by the time he got his shirt off.

The fight that followed was one of the longest the party ever had. They didn't want to get close the the slimes (Phelix was not about to go into the water), and Farthing’s lightning attacks were being dissipated over the surface of the water. The few slimes that slithered to the edge of the water were taken out by ranged attacks, but this was slow and not the normal tactics.

Eventually they found that the slimes seemed to move away from the light (or attack it). That prompted them to cast continual light on a stone and throw it into the pool. This caused the closer slimes to come out of the water and the others to retreat away. And after more flinging of ranged attacks the slimes were finally dealt with.

Beyond they found another broken wall that led to a room that was near where they had entered (in fact across the collapsed hall they couldn't cross). Just beyond this they also found another exit on the side of the hill. This one was higher up and didn't have an easy approach, but with the key they found they could enter and exit through the strange purple force that was would have otherwise held them back.

After the spiders and slimes, the party thought it might be best to rest up before they got any further. They took this new exit and returned to the inn.



This session had a few things that I learned:

1) Allowing the swashbuckler to use more than 1 extra attack with rapid strike was insanely powerful. I had seen it before, but he was either fighting trash or buffed. This time he was just doing massive damage. After this session I've decided to go back to only one extra hit with rapid strike. 

2) Attacking the mage before the others are engaged is unfair. Not that I’m always going to be “fair”, but ambush attacks that hit everyone are going to be more deadly to the wizard. I knew this in theory, but this really pointed it out. 

3) Adaptability is an issue. Knew that having some water based enemies was going to hinder Phelix (and Ryder had he shown up), but I didn't think that this was going to take a long as it did. Water also took the wizards two main attacks down (fire and electricity). I hope that the group looks at this as something that might come up again and try to make sure that they can handle it.