Recap: DF Session 17, Castle Von Dark 05



Farthing, Faun Wizard
Noide, Celestial Cleric
Phelix, Cat-folk Swashbuckler
Ryder, Cat-folk Warrior


With the key in hand, the party was ready to head to Zerst and enter the castle. Just one problem though… they didn’t know how to get there! Friedrich Von Dark knew the general direction, but was said that the would have some problems because things look different when you are just a few inches tall.

The party decided to procure the use of Gaz once again, who knew the way and would guide them on the shortest path there. He told them that it was still a week’s journey, so they would need to pay up front for a week’s service. They also had to stock up on provisions for the trip.

[No one checked for rumors or tried to learn anything else about Zerst or the lands between Nustaad and there.]

A few days after setting out, they noticed smoke from a nearby farm house. They got close enough to see two Shadow Elves burning some bodies outside the house. Without anything else to go on, the party decided to avoid them, and just kept on their path.
A few more days on the road, and they were getting to a forested area. Here two orcs wearing armor with a red eye symbol, stopped the party and demanded a toll to be payed to pass through. During the discussion, Ryder charged at them, causing the four orcs hidden on the sides of the road to fire crossbows at each member.

The shot meant for Phelix missed flew past him and ended up hitting Farthing and doing a lot of damage. The others made off a bit better. Phelix and Ryder charged the two orcs on the road who had drawn broadswords, while Noide was working on healing Farthing.

There was an exchange of blows, and the crossbow orcs reloaded and started to take seconds shots. Eventually, though the party finished off the orcs except for one who was severely injured but still conscious.

Searching around they found the orc’s hidden stash with some gold, gems, and potions in it. From the injured orc they learned that these orcs worshiped the “one-eyed god” and learned that this god’s name is Tormir. After, the left him bleeding on the road.

The next day they saw a group of Lizardmen travelling on a path that would cross theirs a bit after they had moved on. They decided not to slow down or bother with this group (though they also didn’t bother to hide themselves, either.)

When they finally arrived in Zerst, they noticed it wasn’t entirely abandoned. Many houses had fallen into ruin, and it did seem mostly empty, but they saw a few scattered persons about. Noide also felt the influence of Lys was weaker here (Low Sanctity).
On the way in they met another Shadow Elf, who explained that his people come to town some time to trade with the orcs who have taken over the castle. The party was a bit confused by this since they were under the impression that the castle was magically sealed. This elf, Drathiel, explained that the orcs had some sort of magical means to pass through the castle’s gate.

Von Dark blurted out that they were here to retake the castle and that made the elf laugh. After, Drathiel escorted the party through the town. Along the way they passed over a bridge where he spoke to a couple of orcs where the same armor as the ones they met on the road. Drathiel returned and they were allowed to pass.

In this part of the town, there were more buildings, and a few more persons. Then they came to a hill where the path to the castle lay. They scoped it out and saw several orcs on the walls keeping watch.

They decided to find a place to state, and Drathiel showed them to the “Cursed Inn”. They stayed the night and got ready to sneak into the castle’s hidden entrance in the morning.