Recap: DF Session 21, Zerst 02


Aldred - Human Wizard
Fo - Minotaur Barbarian
Sir Loam - Arakun Knight

Back in town:
Barnabus - Human Swashbuckler


3A:137, Third Spring, 7th day:

Picking up where we left off last time...

It seems that Barnabus' injuries were more severe than what the originally thought, so he returned to town while the other's continued on.

The others found the back entrance to the mine, but after traveling in for a ways they came to an area where the supports had collapses. Fo, lifted and wedged the beam back up. This covered him in dirt, but the party was able to continue on. Further down they found another collapsed pat of the tunnel, but this time it would take some digging to clear. To the east the saw part of the wall collapsed leading into a room beyond. Again Fo was able to raise a beam and get the passage open for all to enter.

Exploring this room, the group found it might have once been a kitchen or some sort of storage. There were many broken boxes and other refuse lying around. Sir Loam checked the a broken shelf and found among the broken jars and trash, a tin that contained six glow vials.

Aldred decided to check a small room on the east wall, and was attacked by two giant rats. He was able to blink out of danger while the others finished off the rats. After they checked the room, but a quick search didn't net any more loot.

They left through a door to the north and found themselves in another hall. There were some doors, another collapsed passageway, and a set of double doors bared from their side and with a faint light coming in from behind them.. After determining that they would not be able to pass through the collapsed hall without some work that would draw attention, they decided to open the double doors up and continue on.

They entered into the next hall and followed it around towards a "smashing" sound. Peeking around the corner they found a wide hall to the north with several hobgoblins smashing rocks that were placed in a sort of "trough" in the middle of the hall.

After a short planning session, Aldred buffed  up Sir Loam with Might and Great Haste, and the three of them charged into the hall. The hobgoblins were somewhat caught off guard [surprise]. With great haste, Sir Loam quickly worked his way through the enemies. Fo engaged another and Aldred stayed back a bit. Soon more hobgoblins joined the melee, each had a large hammer used for mashing the stones.

Aldred through a Glue spell [that critted] on the floor of the connecting hall that kept a couple of hobgoblins at bay. After a few more turns the four hobgoblins were down, but two remained in the glue and two more were on the other side of it.

Aldred added Flight to Sir Loam's buffs as Fo struggled to get across the glue and attack. After the two that were in the glue were defeated, Aldred ended the glue spell. One of the hobgoblins had run off after being told to, "get da boss!" but Sir Loam's flight speed allowed him to catch up and end the fight.

To the east they heard a softer tapping sound as the halls became more uneven, and to the north on the west wall they saw another set of double doors. Aldred cast Seeker and found that the door they wanted was in the northwest, so they continued on through the doors.

Here they found an intersection, They took the north path and found a door with "Da Boss" scrawled on it. Even with a good idea that the door they were looking for was further on, they decided to bust into the door and attack.

Inside they found two orcs and a large orc-ish creature standing around a table. Fo charged in and took on the closest orc. Aldred and Sir Loam moved in towards the other. The orcs fought well, with the boss tossing acid occasionally. Fo took a few nasty hits before he was able to bring down the orc he was fighting. The other orc also was badly injured and moved back. The boss tried to make a run for it, but was cut off and then offered surrender.

The orc now slumped against the wall in the back said that he would tell where "the treasure is" if he was left alive. Sir Loam played the orc and the boss off each other a bit, and got the boss to give them each a bag of copper ($300 in raw copper), a healing potion, the location of the dwarf door, and safe passage through the mines! The leader agreed, and after some patching up, they were escorted to the door, then made their way through the mine area where several goblins were picking away.

Back in town the dwarf was pleased to see that they had returned with the rubbing and paid the promised fee. He then said that he would have more work soon.


The party was down a member, but things worked out more or less. I was a bit off my game and so there were several rule issues, but things still felt smooth. Still not having lots of healing was an issue, but nobody died, thought Fo came close. Kudos for the party shaking down, er, negotiating with the mine's boss.

The rules we had some issues with were:
  • Seeker - this spell is at -5 unless the caster has something connected to the sought item. I've been lax on this, but need to remember to enforce this.
  • Healing on 20+ HP should be double. This would have helped get Fo back above 0 sooner. Can't believe that I forgot this.
  • Need to better keep track of spells "on", this hasn't been much of an issue in the past, but with a support wizard who is casting many buffs, I'll need to watch this. And speaking of...
  • Great Haste is a "lasting" spell, apparently. I should add the duration types to my spell list.