Shared Doc for Online Game Character Sheets

I game almost exclusively online. This creates a whole new set of problems than playing face to face, but there are some advantages.

One issue I had thought was making sure that my players and I were looking at the same thing when it comes to character sheets. We were using a character creation program, and my players would often load the program and use it as the character sheet. We even had the save files stored on a shared cloud based service, but there would still be issues with desync. And my UI might not match their's. So, I started looking for a better solution and found it with Google Docs.

There are several character sheet templates out there, and I have to admit that mine is mostly based on a couple of really good ones, but I made this one to fit my group's needs.

The advantage of using a Google docs and sheets is that we can see edits, make notes everything updates right then. It has eliminated the issues I had before.

Take a look and feel free to copy, clone, whatever. There are quite a few calculated fields, so take care not to edit a cell till you're certain that it isn't a formula. (one of these days I may make an instructions page for this).