GURPS News and Wild Speculation

Well the GURPS news has been updated. Seems like the lateness is due to keeping everyone busy. Aside from the recap of the products released since last time (and there are some great ones!), there are some hints at unannounced produces.

That means: it's time for wild speculation!

First up is a mention that the editors are "assembling" the next issue of Pyramid. That term is generic enough that it could literally mean they are putting it together, and just about everything is assembled in GURPS. BUT... this is wild speculation so Robots maybe?

Next is a mention of Bill's latest work. No clues but I think it's pretty safe to say this is GURPS Adaptations.

Then we get to three Dungeon Fantasy books: something "flashy", something "otherworldly" and something "game-changing". Let's look at each:

  • Lots of things in DF could be "flashy". If it was "shiny" I'd go with a treasure/loot book, but it isn't. It might refer to flash powder, so guns/cannons maybe? Many spells are "flashy" so it might be a look into changing up magic or adding new spells?
  • Otherworldly and DF makes me think "Spelljammer" (for you old Grognards). Or this might be a look at the other "planes" (Astral, Elemental, etc.). That was a big part of the old D&D basic games I played in.
  • Game-Changing could be just about anything. We've already had "Alternate Dungeons" in Pyramid, but this might be a more full treatment of some idea(s) from there, or something new. In any case, I expect this is alternate rules of some sort.
"Hot spots is due for some love": Paris? But what time(s)?

There is also mention of a new Monster Hunters book (yay!), but nothing I glean as a clue to what it is.

A new series "helmed" by Phil Masters? GURPS Helmets, you heard it here first! Seriously, the bit about "technicalities" makes me think we're getting a Techniques series, but it could also be something similar to Technical Grappling.

Mr. Punch's big project is something "good for GURPS as a whole". Hm, GURPS 4th Edition Revised. GURPS Beginner's Box. GURPS Magic (4th edition). GURPS 4th Edition Lite Revised....

Well, that's it for me. I could be way off base one all of these, so that that with a grain of salt. The only thing I think we can all agree on is that GURPS Half-Life 3 has been confirmed.