Lanton: Alchemical Advances

Report to the New Spymaster - Part 3: Advances in the North

As requested I have put together this report detailing the events that led to the current situation in the north. This report contains much information that is not known outside of the Masque Intelligence Agency and is for the eyes of the Spymaster only.

VIII. The Alchemist Agreement

With both the major powers in the north very concerned over the power of the Mages Guild and a growing distrust of magic in general, the two kingdoms began to look for ways to fight magic. The Fellus king offered to share advanced his kingdom had  made in alchemy in trade for some resources that were harder to get in the east.

The results if this was a unified effort to further the understanding of magical properties found in certain types of plants, animals, and minerals. These new advances in alchemy created a stronger bond between the two nations as did the perceived threat of an external enemy in the Mages Guild.

The results if this research lead to magic resistant armors, powerful oils and other concoctions that burn when they are exposed to the air, and other forms of weapons. But the highest achievement of course, has been the development of various air ships.

These ships are made from light but strong timber are lifted into the are by great silk bags filled with the fumes from a burned concoction that we still have not been able to fully replicate. With these great ships the northern kingdoms feel confident that they can take on the Mages Guild should it attack them.

But the guild has not attacked. In fact the Atlas has appeared less and less in the north, and we have some indication that the guild has become isolationist and no longer "recruiting" new mages.

Yet the fleets of the great nations continued to grow, and their advances alchemy continue to create new powerful weapons. Other nations have begun to wonder if the new northern allies are not looking to use these new tools of war to conquer the lesser kingdoms to the south.

Though we still maintain treaties with both nations, concern is growing that we may not be able to repel a second invasion. Our trade of silk to the items has so far kept us in the good graces of our so neighbors, but it might occur to the Fellus and Norfin to simply take what they need.

My next report will cover more recent events: The opening of the Black Gate, the coming of the Marlin, and of fog.

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