Water Wizards, the Direct Damage Mages

GURPS provides damaging attacks in the form of Melee and Ranged spells. Some players don't like these spell because:
  • It takes a minimum of 2 turns to attack.
  • Requires 2 rolls to hit.
  • With Ranged attacks, you need to be close, or have high skill, or take time to aim.
  • Melee skills require you to be in melee range.
Of course there are plenty of other ways to deal damage in combat. Area spells make a nice continuing damage source for the length of most combats. There are many spells that neutralize enemies completely (on a failed resist).

Still, for those players that want to deal damage, I suggest focusing on Water spells.

As far as I can tell the water college is the only one with Regular, Resisted spells that do direct damage to the subject. Dehydrate and Frostbite are similar to melee spells like Deathtouch, Burning Death, and Rotting Death, but don’t require that the caster be touching the subject. Dehydrate takes 2 seconds to cast and Frostbite, 3. So, skill levels of 20 and 25 are required for these skills for cast every turn, but you’ll want high skill to offset the -1 per yard distance penalty for regular spells.

So, next time you have a player (or are that player) that wants a damaging attack spell that can be cast every turn, build a Water Wizard!

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