Dungeon Fantasy Rules Issues

Recently I had to reevaluate a few of the rules I had been using in my DF game that were causing some problems and ended up needing to be "nerfed".

Luck House Rule

For some time I have been using a house rule for Luck. Each "level" of luck gave the player 3 "Luck Points" to redeem whenever they wanted. I did this because I really didn't want to have to keep track of real world time for a game mechanic.

The problem came when a character had Extraordinary Luck, and thus six Luck Points. These were simply too powerful, especially combined with a very high skill character. He only needed to use the point on the rare critical failure, or extreme situation.

I spend some time trying to figure out how to fix this house rule, but ultimately decided to just scrap it and go back to the RAW.

More Than Two Hits with Rapid Strike

This is not a rule that I normally used, but I figured that this was over the top heroic fantasy, so why not? Well, because it really makes short work of just about monster, especially after a few points are spent to bring up ST.

I felt that this was fine for awhile, but after my last game where my other players were mostly marginalized by the the high skill character performing 4 rapid strikes (on top of an extra attack) I've decided to cut this and go back to just 2 hits for rapid strike.


These two rules were overpowered on their own. Combined they compounded and created a way over powered character. I hate to "nerf" a character after rules have been decided, but if the rules are causing it much harder to make a balanced game where all the PCs feel they can contribute and feel useful, then things have to change.

As always, I consider GMing an evolutionary process where I learn from each experience and adjust to make an even better game.