Recap: DF Session 14, Castle Von Dark 02



Farthing, Faun Wizard
Noide, Celestial Cleric
Phelix, Cat-folk Swashbuckler
Ryder, Cat-folk Warrior
Roseshic, Half-elf Scout


The party was rested and didn't have any need or desire to do much in town so they set outwith Froggy Von Dark to find the Forsaken Halls. There they hope to find the key that would unlock the hidden tunnel that leads into Castle Von Dark.

At the Halls, there were two entrances, one of which was sealed, but another hidden entrance was just a ways down from there. Outside they saw two figures speaking in an unknown Elven dialect. Roseshic approached and asked the elves what they were doing. They told him that they were scouting the area and that he should stay away from the Halls. The others joined and proclaimed that they were going in anyway. The elves wished them luck and moved on.

Once inside the party moved around into the first main hall, Phelix unfortunately hit a javelin trap and took some damage around the second turn. It did some pretty heavy damage, so Noide healed him up and they continued on.

Roseshic found another trap at the first door, and was able to bypass it. They moved into the first room. Here there was some writing on the wall that they recognized as Goblin, but nobody knew the language. Noide decided to cast Gift of Letters and read, “Beware the demon’s tongue” or something very close to that.

They continued to explore the area and found a room with a hanging skeleton, a set of stairs down, and a large room with several pipes and pressure plates (that they marked to prevent stepping on).

Then they came to a room with a Dyrder in it, which proved little threat to the group on his own. After finishing him off, the players found a chest with some treasure, including a Ring, which Phelix promptly slipped on his finger… and found that he couldn't take it off… then found he was at DX-1. There was also a Levitation Potion and a Scroll of Grace.

In the next room they found a pair of strange creatures that appeared to by flying heads with tentacles coming off of them. They took out one very rapidly, but the second one let out a scream that paralyzed a couple of members. It was soon taken out though. In the corner there was a pair of old corpses missing their heads.

The party continued on, avoiding some traps then found a Shadow. It got a hit on Ryder which drained his strength. After a few good hits on it, Noide hit the shadow with a Sunbolt and destroyed it. In the corner of this room they found a small chest of treasure.

Continuing on they explored another room and found a hall that ended in a magically locked door. Being unable to open the door, they backtracked some to another path, finding a few more rooms then a hall where a rain of needles traps was set off.

Beyond that door they found a room that connected to another. From there wondered in a Bodak. Half the party charged it before Farthing had a chance to shout out that a Bodak can kill with a simply look. It tried to hit both Phelix and Ryder, but the resisted and were able to kill the monster.

After this the party was tired and needing to recharge. They decided to head back out, with Farthing mapping the path that they had taken so they could return later and continue to search for the key to the castle passage.



XP: (base 5, < half explored -2, +2 for worthy monsters): 5

This was my first attempt at using a random dungeon generator, and thought the structure and flow make is pretty chaotic, it fits the crazy idea that his was built by some pretty nutty folks.

At times it felt slow going be we covered 10 rooms, 4 combats, and a lot of traps. I felt that not using a large map to deal with each hall and room sped things up a lot, but I need to get better at stating where the door that the party enters in from is located in the new room.

Over all I was happy and am looking forward to the next session.