GURPS DF Campaign Planning Form

With the start of my "third season" of Dungeon Fantasy, I have a new player joining, and three returning players who are going to reroll new characters. With this being sort of a "reboot" of the game, I put together an updated Campaign Planning Form. This has been tweaked a bit, but still mostly follows the official form.


GM: Joseph Mason
Date: 2014.06.23

Campaign name: Zerst (DF Season 3)

Starting year: 3A, 137
Rate game time passes: 1 week between sessions.

Genre: Dungeon Fantasy
Realistic or cinematic?: Cinematic
General theme of campaign: Kill things and get loot! Oh, and vanquish evil or something.

Campaign Background:

Campaign’s base city: Zerst
Society/government type: Feudal

Tech level: 3
Exceptions to general TL: Some TL 4 armors, tools, weapons (not guns)

Brief description of important neighboring powers, political/economic situation, etc.:

  • Zerst (base town): This recently un-cursed town lies in the wild lands beyond the boarders of the old empire. It has had a long history of crazy rulers and savage attacks, and other misfortunes.
  • Nustaad: Town to the south. Self governed with a city council. Some friction as the town has suffered as folks return to Zerst.
  • Turnwall: Town to the southwest. This is the major trade zone between the western areas and the borderlands.
  • Elbenvald: The "elf wood". No non-elf has ever seen the fabled elf cities, and the elves don't give too many details, but they certainly exist. Elves mostly keep to themselves and are generally self-sufficient. This limits the other races interactions with Elbenvald.

Suggested or required reading for players: Basic Set, DF1, DF2

Information for PCs

Starting point value allowed for PCs: 250
Disadvantage limit: -50/-5 (-50 from disadvantages and attributes/sub-attributes, -5 from quirks)

Especially useful/useless character types:
Templates are ** Mandatory **
  • Barbarian
  • Bard
  • Cleric
  • Druid
  • Holy Warrior
  • Knight
  • Martial Artist
  • Scout
  • Swashbuckler

Especially appropriate/inappropriate professions:
  • Adventurers/Non-adventurers

PC races allowed:
Races are from DF3 unless noted otherwise.
  • Human
  • Arakun*
  • Cat-Folk
  • Dwarf
  • Elves:
    • Half-elf
    • High Elf
    • Mountain Elf
    • Sea Elf**
    • Shadow Elf
    • Winged Elf**
    • Wood Elf
  • Faerie Folk
    • Faun**
    • Leprechaun**
    • Nymph**
    • Pixie**
  • Gargoyle
  • Gnome
  • Goblin-Kin
    • Goblin*
    • Half-orc
    • Hobgoblin
    • Orc
  • Minotaur
  • Half-Ogre

* Custom race

** Uncommon race – I’m not going to require an Unusual Background, but these race will draw attention since they stand out. This can help or hurt (so no point cost) depending on the situation.

Starting wealth: $1000
Starting Wealth levels allowed: Dead Broke ($0), Poor ($200), Struggling ($500), none ($1000), Comfortable ($2000), Wealthy ($5000), or Very Wealthy ($20000)

Starting Status levels allowed: none

Starting TLs allowed: 3, 2, 1

Languages available:
  • Arcane
  • Common
  • Celestial
  • Dragon
  • Dwarven
  • Elven
  • Goblin
  • Infernal

There may be other languages that are unknown and unavailable.

All characters start with Common as a native language and one extra free language based on Race:
  • Humans, Arakun, Cat-Folk, Gargoyles, Minotuars, Half-Ogres: Any other language.
  • Dwarves, Gnomes: Dwarven
  • Elves, Faerie: Elven
  • Goblin-kin: Goblin

Cultural Familiarities available: N/A

Required advantages, disadvantages, and skills: Templates are required.
Especially appropriate or inappropriate advantages, disadvantages, and skills: See templates

Appropriate Patrons (and base value): Deities for Clerics and Holy Knights [36], see template.
Appropriate Enemies (and base value): None

Special Abilities Allowed for PCsExotic/supernatural traits: See Templates
Cinematic skills: See Templates

Are PC mages allowed? Yes
General mana level: Normal
Do areas of higher/lower mana exist? Yes
Are any of the spells from Chapter 5 off limits? Yes, see restrictions in DF1 and Pyramid 3/60

Are PC psis allowed? No.
Are any of the powers from Chapter 6 off limits? N/A

Are PC gadgeteers allowed? No (may revise if we add Artificer later)
Are there special limits on gadgeteering? N/A

Unusual Background cost(s) for these abilities: None
Legal or social restrictions on these abilities: None

Other Notes

Book 1 optional rules or variants (advantages, disadvantages, skills, etc.):
  • See DF1 and DF2

Book 2 optional rules or variants (success rolls, combat, injury, etc.):
  • See DF2
  • Using hit location rules, but any non- "called shot" hits the torso.
  • The following options are used:
    • Deceptive Attacks
    • Telegraphic Attacks (MA)
    • Rapid Strike (only 2 hits)
    • Retreat Option: Slip (MA) 

This form is based off the official GURPS Campaign Planning Form, which can be found on Steve Jackson Games website here: