Recap: DF Session 13, Castle Von Dark 01


This is the start of the new campaign, tentatively titled "Castle Von Dark"


Farthing, Faun Wizard
Noide, Celestial Cleric
Phelix, Cat-folk Swashbuckler
Ryder, Cat-folk Warrior
Roseshic, Half-elf Scout



The party returned to Turnwall as heroes. They had not only averted some sort of doomsday, but had also ended all threat from the Caverns. The creatures that were not turned into the undead, had either died when the cliffs fell or fighting the undead, or they fled and dispersed into the woods to the east.

Trade once more picked up in the town and the roads were safe. The party was treated like heroes, towns folks would buy them beer for a retelling of their adventure. The inn let them stay free. Life was good ... good and boring.

There were no more threats, no more monsters, no more adventure. The requests for stories were getting fewer. The inn keeper greeting was beginning to become a bit strained.

It was clear to them, that it was time to move on. Travelers were heading out east again, and a few stories made their way back. Strange things were reported. Ruined towns, mad mages, roving bands of elves, dragons!

Then came reports of a village deep in the wild lands. Nustaad was settled by the survivors from Zerst, a town which fell into ruin some time ago.

What peaked the party's interest was a tale of some old mad alchemist, who use to rule the town, Baron Von Dunkel. The story was that he had one of the Chaos Stones.

The party took off into the wild lands to the east. Following the directions to Nustaad. Unfortunately, the trail was at times broken and split in places they had not been told about. Before too long they were lost in the woods. Running low on provisions, and starting to get a bit desperate.


While trying to find their way in the woods the group heard a voice call out to them. At first they saw nothing, but soon realized they were speaking to a frog. He introduced himself as Frederick Worthington Von Dark, heir to the Von Dark name and castle. He claimed that he was cursed by gypsies and in needs a princess to kiss him and end this curse. He looked at the party and realized they were adventurers and likely to do things like save princesses from dragons or what not.

The party said they would try to help but needed to find Nustaad. The frog wasn’t sure where the town was, but directed the party to a half-elf ranger that stayed in the woods nearby. The party found the elf, Roseshic, and he joined up and directed the group into town.

When the party found Nustaad, they realized this was much more “rugged” than they would have liked. The was filled with folks that looked like brigands. Fistfights broke out in the streets, drunks passed out in the alleys… even the horses looked mean.

In the town the party was approached by a burly man with a peg-leg and scars all over his face. Expecting trouble, the party was cautious, but he only introduced himself as, “Greeter” and welcomed them. They got basic directions around town then quickly went to the inn, “Bloody Stud”.

There they group spoke with Von Dark and learned a bit more about him. It seems that his grandfather once ruled this area (under the name Von Dunkel). He went insane and started to perform dark alchemical experiments on the people. Eventually the rebelled and killed Von Dunkel, but with his dying breath he cured the castle and town it was in (Zerst). His son escaped the people’s wrath and went on to sire Frederick.

The curse on the town has led to undead, dragons, and all sorts of other misfortunes to fall on the town. Von Dark believes that if he can reclaim the castle, and sit on the throne, it will lift the curse and that the people will accept him for doing so. Unfortunately the castle is inaccessible from the front gate, which is magically sealed. But, there is a hidden passage that can get them inside.

The hidden passage also has a magic lock on it, but the key was hidden by loyal retainers to his grandfather. Again, there is a catch. The retainers were as mad as the Baron, and hid the key in a dungeon filled with the worse horrors they could conjure up.

The party got rooms at the inn and decided to prepare to enter these “Forsaken Halls of Horror



XP: non-dungeon session, points for being there, good RP, and getting to town: 3 CP

This was just our kick-off for the new campaign arc. We met some NPCs, found a new town, and set short term and long term goals.

Everyone seemed to like the two NPCs added. So, that is good.