Recaps: DF Session 16, Castle Von Dark 04



Farthing, Faun Wizard
Noide, Celestial Cleric
Phelix, Cat-folk Swashbuckler
Ryder, Cat-folk Warrior


Once again the party rests up then heads back into the halls. This time they find and take the broken roof entrance.

As they retraced their steps, Farthing caught sight of something behind them. The party turned and found a group of four Shadows that had been trying to sneak up on the party. A few strikes and sunbolts later, and the shadows are gone. Inexplicably, these creatures seemed to have had some way of holding coin pouches! The party grabbed these and moved on.

The party then starts exploring the next room beyond the areas they had been to before, and find a large room with some slime on the wall. After searching a bit, they find a secret passage that leads south and decide to follow that into a hidden hallway.

This lead to another room, and in here they found a mosaic on the wall and some writing that had a color combination that when used on the mosaic, opened a door back to the previous room.

Deciding that just because a room has a secret door, doesn't mean that great treasure is necessarily going to be hidden behind it, they decided to get back on track and find the key.

The next room was large and dark. As they started to head in, Gaz stopped and told them that they should run! Everyone asked why, and Gaz shouted “Driders” as 4 of the spider-men attacked.

Once again, the party made sort work of these foes, but not before Farthing took a nasty wound. Noide was able to heal him back up, and after the monsters were dead, they found some more copper, some healing potions, and a jar of some sort of magic oil.

Then the moved into the final room. Here there was a large square pit. As the party moved toward it, a light appeared on the far end of the room. It was a demon, who had created a fire in his hand. He greeted the party and flew over the pit.

He was able to guess that they had come for the key, and Von Dark addressed him asking that he give the key to them. The demon showed that he too was chained and bound to this place, but that if the party set him free he could get them the key. Otherwise he would simply “bring the key up” and they would have to get it themselves.

The party declined to help him, so he flew back and began to turn a wench that began to lift some sort of platform up from the pit (using the same sort of ethereal chains that were on the demon). When the platform was fully risen, on it there was another, much larger demon who attacked.
Farthing was able to identify this as the same sort of “Demon of Old” that they had encountered before (the other demon being a lesser summoned demon). And where it’s heart might be located. Once learning this, the party had not problems taking it down.

While this was going on the other demon had flown around the room to attack Noide and Farthing, but once the large demon was dead, he offered surrender, but was killed anyway. Once he died, his body disappeared into smoke and his voice said, “There is more than one way to be set free.”

The party searched the room finding some coins and a potion, but not the key. Then, they remembered the writing on the wall from when they first entered the halls, and checked the Demon of Old’s mouth (as this creature’s body was still here).
Sure enough, it’s tongue was key shaped, and the party cut it out. After this they made their way out of the dungeon finding that they were not that far from the initial entrance.

At last they had the key! Von Dark commented how excellent the group was doing, and now they just had to get rid of the dragon….



XP: (base 5, +1 key, +2 for boss): 8

This session was pretty much a cake walk. Need to look into new ways to challenge the group.

Overall, the “random dungeon experiment” didn't work out very well. The space didn't make any sense and didn't feel interesting.

Now I am going to take some time, write up some interesting loot for the party to find, and start building some dungeons!