You can do it!

I love being the GM. Playing is fun, but I would prefer to GM over playing most of the time. There are a lot of reasons for this, but it mostly boils down to a desire to entertain. But that is just me. I understand that there are (probably a lot more) folks who prefer to play. Sometimes, though, that isn't an option.

Recently, I've seen (especially in the VTT circles) many folks who want to play, even some that "have a great idea for a game", but also say, "I don't GM". I've even see some folks who seem angry that the GMs of these communities are not running their favorite game!

This kind of thinking floors me! If you like game X, and nobody is running/playing it... then why don't YOU GM! Maybe you prefer to play, but when that isn't an option, you need to do some work.

To get others to GM your game, the first step is to get people interested in it. You can talk up a game system till the sky falls, but there are not a lot of folks that are going to pick up a new game to start GMing based on that alone. The best way to get folks involved is to run it for them. Show it, demo it, run it. You can't expect the world to simply conform to your desire with no effort on your part!

Maybe you feel that you wouldn't be a great GM? I felt this way often. But trust me, if you are making an effort to entertain others, they typically will be forgiving and even help you out. There are lots of great blogs, books, pod-casts, etc., that are dedicated to giving advice to GM's new and old.

So, give it a shot! Who knows, you may get others excited to run your favorite game!