Recap: DF Session 15, Castle Von Dark 03



Farthing, Faun Wizard
Noide, Celestial Cleric
Phelix, Cat-folk Swashbuckler

Back in Town (or off in the woods):

Ryder, Cat-folk Warrior - didn't show up
Roseshic, Half-elf Scout - taking some time off from the game.


The party rested up and was itching to get back and find that key. Since they didn't need a week to recover and get items charged, they just had to pay a “daily” cost of living of $25/each.

Since Roseshic had gone back to the woods, they knew that traps might be an issue for them, so they decided to ask around town for some help. Soon they learned that there might be a guy who was crazy enough to go stomping around with the group and setting off… er, detecting traps. The were told they could find this guy, “Deadfish” in the alleyway next to the tavern. And there they did find in a drunken huddle, a goblin!

After picking himself up, the goblin introduced himself as Gaz Deadfish. The party decided that they needed to get this guy cleaned up and sober, but the innkeeper didn't want to have the goblin in his establishment. Eventually, he allowed it, and the party had to pay for the “deluxe suite” which was just another crappy room, but cost them quite a lot.

Once Gaz was cleaned up, they talked terms and he was hired on for a full week.

The next morning the party arrived back at the Halls and started to retrace their steps and get back to where they left off. Before they got there though, the found the door to the “Dryder” room shut and sounds coming from the other side.

Peeking in, they saw a group of 12 Orc-Infernals standing in a circle chanting. After taking a few seconds to prepare, Phelix charged in (flaming sword in hand). The infernals immediately started to try to surround him, and he was quickly put in a more defensive possession.

Gaz tried to flank but was spotted and never never got the jump on anyone. The other also moved in, and started to engage.

The fight took quite some time, with enemies bunching up to surround party members, and playing very cautiously. Waiting for the party to make a move then striking. Farthing kept casting lighting wall which forced the infernals to move around and split up.

Eventually, the part wore down their opponents and started to gain the upper hand, at this the Infernals started to run, and were struck down as they did. Two did manage to get away though.

After the fight, the party decided they would rather try to find where the infernals when instead of continuing on where they were exploring before. They moved into the next room, and there saw signs that the infernals had gone through a door to the north, which they hadn't been through before.

Gaz found a trap on the door and was able to disarm it, but the infernals had a good head start by this time.

Peeking into the next room they found another Bodak. They stepped back into the hall and started to debate on how to deal with it as it began to move towards them. Eventually it entered the hall and the party all attacked it. It got one good look at the group, but was quickly killed.

At this point the party lost the trail of the infernals, so they just picked a door. Following the hall, they found a door to a room filled with huge centipedes. They decided that this room was not likely where the infernals when, so they simply closed the door back and continued down the hall.

Further down they found part of the dungeon that had collapsed revealing the sky above. They noted this as a way to escape (or re-enter) if they needed it later. Then they continued on.

In the next room they found a couple of statues and a bat-winged woman softly crying. When they addressed her, she told them that she was Vexanna, and was being held prisoner. Some sort of ethereal chain would appear around her ankle when she moved. This very attractive woman (aside from the wings) started to bat her eyes and Noide, and Farthing deduced that she was a Succubus.

The party decided it was not a good idea to free her, and she began to mock Noide, and told them that she knew were the key was. Resisting here, they decided to leave and continue their search.

After passing through an empty room then avoiding a pit trap in one of the halls, the party found a secret door that lead to a room with a Gargantuan Centipede. It was not immediately aware of them so they got the jump on it and though it was strong, they dealt enough damage to cause the creature neutralize it.

Once the bug was dealt with, the party searched this room and found that there was some sort of scrying system built into the walls. This game Noide an idea, and he cast Seeker which seemed to work exceptionally well in this room, and he was given a vision of how to navigate to the key. He also saw that there was something guarding it.

At this point it was getting a bit late, and the party decided to head back to town to rest up. They would be able to return and only have to deal with two unexplored rooms before they entered the room where the key was held.


XP: (base 5, < half explored -2, +2 for worthy monsters): 5

The random encounter at the start took too long, I should have made most of the monster fodder so that the players could clear through them.

They only explored 4 new rooms, but still found some of the the dungeon features. It would have been nice to finish up this session, but things are looking good for the next one.