DF Race: Arakun (Raccoon-folk)

As I mentioned before, I wanted a race that not only filled the roll traditionally held by halflings (small, stealthy thieves), but also had a social rep that fit in with that. The Arakun was the result. I want to give thanks to the many good folks on the SJGames forums for helping out (especially Ejidoth and chandley)


Arakun [10]
Choice Professions: Thief, Ninja
Marginal Professions: Barbarian, Holy Warrior, Knight

Arakun are a race of sentient raccoons. They are small, quick, and quiet, making them excellent at sneaking and stealing. There natural affinity to climbing and flexibility allow them to get in and out of places that others cannot. Unfortunately, this affinity has earned the distrust from the other races. They are treated as criminals (weather or not they've ever committed any crime).

Attribute Modifiers: ST-3 [-30]; DX+1 [20].
Secondary Characteristic Modifiers: HP+1 [2]; Per+1 [5]; SM -2.
Advantages: Claws (Sharp) [5]; Extra Basic Move (Temp Disad: Quadreped -35%) 2 [7]; Flexibility [5]; Fur [1]; High Manual Dexterity 2 [10]; Masked Bandit 1 [5]*; Night Vision 4 [4]; Teeth (Sharp) [1]; Silence 1 [5].
Disadvantages: Kleptomania (12) [-15]; Curious (12) [-5]; Social Stigma (Criminal Record) [-5].

* Masked Bandit: You're adept at getting into places and getting at things you are not meant to. This talent adds to Climbing, Escape, Filch, Forced Entry, Streetwise, and Urban Survival. Only arakun can have it, and may buy up to 3 more levels at character creation. Reaction Bonus: Mobsters, thieves, etc. 5 points/level

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