Recap: DF Session 8, Caverns of Chaos 6


Drog, human barbarian
Farthing, faun wizard
Noide, celestial cleric
Phelix, cat-folk swashbuckler (missed most of part 1)
Calahn, human martial artist (missed half of part 2)


Starting out Drog looked into any rumors on the Hill Giant, learning mostly what the group already knew: that he had lived in the caves for some time, but nobody had seen him in a long time.

While at the tavern, a wolfen (might not keep that name) grabbed Phelix, calling him Thomas and claiming that the cat had cheated him at cards because nobody is that lucky. After the initial confrontation, several others joined and when things calmed, introductions were made.

The wolfen was “Bert” and a member of an adventuring group who had heard about the party’s exploits and decided to see if they could find any profit in the caverns. They were Jones, human male knight; Blake, human female bard; Willa, human female cleric; Rodge, human male wizard; and Bert, wolfen male thief.

They sat and drank a bit and discussed the caves. It was mentioned that the goblins had been helpful and the the Ogre was a friend.

The party left town before the new group and headed straight to the giant’s cave. Here they were greeted by an Arakun that took them through the area and into the giant’s lair. He warned them to not come to close and not make the giant angry.

In the room the party found a huge curtain that hung from the ceiling to the floor. After entering, a fire roared up and a silhouette was cast on the curtain. A booming voice told them that he knew what they needed and where to find it, but needed them to retrieve something for him. They accepted and were asked to bring back a shard from a mirror that lies in a ruined temple that was in a connected cave.

First the group had to cross a chasm that divided the cave from the ruined temple. Once across they were attacked by several crushrooms (which can’t stand up to Kiai at all). After this fight the group moved into the temple area and saw something at the back of the cave reflecting bits of light.

As they approached a voice asked who they were and what they wanted. Getting closer the creature formed into 5 humanoid “mirrors”, then as they got even closer the mirrors took the forms of each of the party members. The party tried to question the creature, but it did not seem cooperative.

Noide decided to smash his “reflection” and after hitting had the full damage dealt to him. Knocking him down to the ground. After having a healing potion poured down his throat, the reflection said that it would trade the mirror shard for the amulet of see invisible that Noide had.

Noide wanted to know what they wanted the amulet for and taking the reflection’s hand he was teleported to a strange place. There he was told that this was the creature's home plane and that invisible threats that came from Noide’s world were destroying this world. After seeing some of the creatures, Noide agreed to make the trade. He was teleported back and the mirror creature disappeared and left behind the shard.

They party also examined the temple walls and saw some carvings that told a story of some people that had sealed away an evil alter using 3 stones: two gems like the one they found in the orc statue, and the other was a sphere like what they found in the stalactite cave.

A secret door was also found and behind that there was a chest with some potions, scrolls, and a lot of coins.

The group made their way back to the giant, but then wanted to see him before they handed over the shard. Not heading the advice of the giant who said that they would share his curse if they looked upon him, Cal threw back the curtain. Drog averted his eyes, but all the rest were reduced to one third their original size. After this Noide quickly put the shard in the large mirror that was also behind the curtain restoring the group and the giant to their original heights.

A bit angry, the giant told the group where the altar is, and said that a powerful necromancer was sealed in when the tomb was magically locked. He also told them that the caves outside of the tomb are now filled with a tribe of Gnolls and that they would have to deal with them before even getting to the door.

Then he informed the group of the gems needed to open the door. One they already had, the other is in a statue in the Hobgoblin cave. According to the giant, the third stone is not needed as any unlock magic would open the door once the other two gems were in. He also warned that the Hobgoblin leader had learned to draw power from the gem, and would be more dangerous than the Orcs had been.

After this the parted headed back to town for rest and to prepare for what might be the hardest battle yet.



XP: (base 5, +1 full exploration, +1 boss, +1 secrets): 8

This was pretty much off the cuff. I pulled the crushrooms from DF2, and the mirror monster was just an old idea of a unique curse. It fit well with the plot hook of a “giant” that nobody has seen hiding behind a curtain (but having a fake giant was just too obvious).

Combat was fairly quick, and nobody got hit by the crushrooms (which is good b/c they are incredibly strong!)

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