Recap: DF Session 9, 10, and pbp - Caverns of Chaos 7

2014-03-06 - Session 9
2014-03-06 - Session 10
(also includes play by post from the week in between)

Drog, human barbarian
Cal, human martial artist
Farthing, faun wizard
Noide, celestial cleric
Phelix, cat-folk swashbuckler


The session began with Jones finding the group at the local tavern. He’s armor was a bit banged up, and he explained that his group had decided to take a “shortcut” through the woods to get to the caves, but ran into a large group of skeletons. Though they defeated the monsters, they had to return to town before they were to set off again.

The next day the party took off back to the caves. As they approached they saw smoke rising up. It seems that there was a battle between the goblins and arakun. Goblin bodies were being piled up and burned, but there were many dead arakun also being collected for burial.

The party spoke to one of the arakun who told them that the goblins had assumed that the giants cave had been cleared out. When they found it otherwise, they attacked, and chaos ensued. Eventually the giant came out and began to pound the goblins down, which sent them running.

Next the group went to the Ogre who at first thought they were goblins. He explained that they had been asking for him to join them in their little “war”.

Then the players decided to speak to the goblins who were on the cliff side. They asked to set up a meeting with the Hobgoblin leader, and that they just wanted to gem. The goblins ask for the group to give them a day to take this offer to the Hobgoblins and discuss this.

The next day a goblin escorted the players into the hobgoblin cave, saying that the hobgoblin leader would hear their offer. But when they got into the cave, the goblin dropped a portcullis down behind them.

Drog easily lifted it, and the panicked goblin ran, but was cut down shortly. Another goblin attacked, but also met his end. At this point Drog started toward the goblin cave. There were some who questioned this course, but all grouped up and headed in.

The entrance had several boxes and boards stacked up at the entrance. This did not make an effective barrier, but it did do an adequate job of hiding the “Freeze Rune” drawn on the floor that hit Drog, Phelix, and Cal.

Undeterred, they went in and found a long dark hall. Arrows were fired out of the darkness somewhere beyond. Risking the arrows, they moved forward and found a door. Opening it revealed a goblin wizard and two hobgoblins. This fight was cut short when the wizard cast a terror spell that hit most of the party. They all ran out until the panic ended a minute later.

This time the players met a group of crazed goblins near the entrance, just behind them were ranks of hobgoblins and still out of the darkness came arrows. The group made short work of the goblins. The hobgoblins put up a bit more of a fight, but still were cut down. A failed spell from a caster alerted the group to his presence. and they started down the hall again.

The caster took off running and another caused flames to erupt in the hall. Some fire resistance spells were cast, allowing Drog to run through the fire. This sent the two goblin wizards and four goblin archers running in opposite directions as the hall split off to the north and south.

Farthing calls out that they reevaluate the situation, most of the others agree, but Drog felt that their best chance was to attack now. Farthing grew angry and left, followed by Noide and Phelix.

Drog and Cal continued on, taking the right hall where they saw one of goblins’ bodies thrown out of a room further on. In this room were three Trolls, who noticed Drog and invited him in for a game of cards.

Drog can Cal came in and told the Trolls that they were just interested in learning about the hobgoblin statue. The trolls informed them that they were hired to “keep these seats warm” but might be willing to part with the information for a price. They all sat down and had some drinks, and played a few rounds of cards. Then Cal passed out and Drog’s legs gave out has he tried to stand.


Outside Noide decided to look for some help from the giant, but found that hill giants are not the most even tempered creatures (especially when you had previously got on one’s bad side).

The did convince an arakun to join (well their money did), and the party went back in to get their friends out.

Once they got down the hall they heard some voices and the Arakun scouted ahead and saw the unconscious bodies of Drog and Cal being picked over by three trolls. The trolls were arguing over if they could eat part of the humans, but another had said that they would be paid more if they delivered the bodies intact.

The arakun reported back and the group started to make plans. Farthing objected again, and left the cave again. While the others got weapons ready around the corner from the trolls.

Once the trolls go into the hall they saw the light, and dropped the bodies. One started to circle around the back. Then on called out after smelling Pheilx, taunting him to attack.

The battle that ensued seemed to go okay at first. Phelix was blessed and could parry any attack on him, but nothing seemed to keep the trolls down. Even stabbing one of the trolls in both eyes, only caused him to flail around wildly till they grew back. One troll even got his head chopped off, but then grabbed it and started to put it back on.

The fight was joined by two goblin archers and a wizard. The wizard was cut down by Phelix, but things were not going so well. The arakun had been hit once and was reeling, and Noide had also taken a blow.

After some healing, the group started to move back out of the cave with Phelix covering their retreat. The trolls threw insults, but did not pursue.

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